2020 Dumpster Fire PopUp

Popup cards are lots of fun to make and fairly easy once you understand the basic idea. I highly recommend The Popup Channel if you want to learn the foundations and Matthew Reinhart for how to make art with them.

This year the dumpster fire meme is having a bit of a moment, so why not make a dumpster fire popup card?

A Quick Request

This year has been hard on a lot of people. If you use this template and like it please consider donating a small amount to Feeding America.

Final Product


You can use whatever, but this is what I used.

  1. Double sided tape to attach the bits to each other (you can use glue, but this is MUCH easier)
  2. A couple sheets of heavy cardstock.
  3. A printer
  4. An Exacto knife or a cutting machine


Print out the template page1 and page2 (make sure you print with margins off at full 8.5" x 11" Size)

Cut Out The Shapes

Cut out the shapes along the solid black lines.

Fold 'Em

Fold the shapes along the dotted lines.

For the lid support (square hanging off the top of the back of the dumpster) attach the tab to the side of the dumpster and crease along the dotted line so the whole thing can fold flat like this:

Stick the Things to the Other Things

Stick the top of the dumpster lid to the bottom.

Then stick the lid to the lid support (ONLY THE PART LABELED CLEARLY. NOT OVER THE CREASE)

Attach the fire to the fire support tabs over top of the bit labeled "attach flames here"

Stick the fire strip to the inside front of the dumpster and put the "2020" sign on the outside.

Attach it all to the Card

First put the back of the dumpster into the card. Make sure to line it up at a 45 degree angle by using the tabs (which are cut at 45 degrees). Don't try to stick both down at once. Stick one half down, fold it down in the closed position, then close the card on top to stick the other half down.

Now stick each of the fire support tabs to the back of the dumpster. Make sure the tab touches the dumpster and the top is at a 90% angle for the first and then do the same, sticking the second to the first.

Now just stick the front of the dumpster on as indicated by the tabs and you're done! Happy New Year!

Copyright 2022, Michael Smit